I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done to help me through a frustrating and difficult time.

You have gone over and above what your job requires as a lawyer to get this issue resolved.

Your help has made this so much easier for me to deal with. Thank you again.

I hired Attorney Braga to help me with a legal issue that I was having with the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles. I had lost my license due to drug possession and needed my license to keep my job because I had no other means of getting back and forth to work. I met with Attorney Braga and he walked me through the process of what I had to do in order to apply for a hardship approval. He gave me the paperwork which outlined the requirements in order to receive the approval and he accompanied me to my hearing at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. We eventually had to file an appeal to Board of Appeal on Motor Vehicles and Attorney Braga also represented me in front of the appeal board. Within a week, I had received a letter in the mail granting my approval for the hardship license. Attorney Braga always accessible, responsive to my telephone calls, was on time, explained the process and never left me wondering what was going to happen next.